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Current Goals


  1. Raise revenue for needed projects.

    1. Establish a fundraising committee

    2. Host one fundraising drive/event in year one.

    3. Develop a membership recruitment and retention program

  1. Improve, stabilize, and maintain trails within the park (hiking/walking, mountain biking, and equestrian)

    1. Address wet spots on all trails

    2. Build bridges where needed

    3. Perform a trail assessment to identify needs

    4. Address erosion on streambanks and trails

  1. Improve habitat and conservation through enhancement and restoration

    1. Remove invasive plants

    2. Maintain butterfly garden

    3. Adopt a lake project

    4. Interpretive waysides for warm season grass plots and butterfly garden

    5. Goose control

  1. Increase public awareness about the park.

    1. Develop internal and external communication plan

    2. Examine usage of parks and needs of users

    3. Increase usage on the off seasons

    4. Speak out on behalf of the park

    5. Promote use of all areas of the park

  1. Develop events to connect people to the park

    1. Develop signature event, perhaps at Earth Day

    2. Enhance environmental education programs in schools

    3. Connect families to the park

  1. Support general cleanup projects as well as long term or construction/major improvement projects

    1. Develop a list of projects to be addressed at work days

    2. Schedule work days

    3. Develop construction/improvement project list and time line for fundraising, volunteer recruitment, and work days


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